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Psychology Classes & Workshops in Melbourne

Our classes and workshops are carefully designed to support and strengthen your individual sessions and reduce the overall cost of treatment.

They will help you understand and better manage your emotions, improve your life skills, and adopt new behaviours. They will give you insights and options that will enhance your relationships, improve your self-confidence and social skills and your enjoyment of life.

They are not group therapy and do not require you to make embarrassing disclosures. They are structured classroom-style sessions where you will learn proven techniques and practise them in a supportive class environment.

We know that many of the people who have attended these classes and workshops over the years have gained strong new friendships as well as new capabilities.

Medicare rebates are available for eligible class participants.

Book in early if you want to reserve a place.

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Our classes & workshops

Medicare Rebate for Counselling Sessions and Classes*Medicare Rebate Information: When you obtain a GP referral you are entitled to 10 individual counselling sessions, as well as 10 class sessions with a psychologist per year. We can explain if you are eligible for a Mental Health Care referral from your medical practitioner. You could be able to recover up to 75% of the cost of counselling and classes through Medicare rebates or private health insurance.

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"Life is not what it's supposed to be. It's what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."

—Virginia Satir

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