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What our psychologists can help with:

Psychology Melbourne's services could be summed up in three words: Expert. Caring. Reliable. We know that the people who book a session with one of our psychologists want to make positive changes in their lives. Nevertheless, many of them find the prospect challenging. We try to make it as easy as possible. We want our clients to feel calm, confident and taken care of. We want them to know that they are in the best professional hands, and that at every stage of the process, from booking in, to the first visit to the reception desk and in the privacy of the consulting room, they will be treated with respect and consideration.

Get the right therapist for you and your circumstances

We know that the key to successful therapy is the relationship between client and counsellor. At Psychology Melbourne, we don't leave that to chance. We offer a personal matching session, expertly choosing the right psychologist for you and your issues.

Achieve fast working and effective outcomes

We don't take our clients' investment of time, effort and money lightly. We work hard to make sure that their progress is consistent and measurable and that they get what they are looking for. We take responsibility for identifying any difficulty that might arise, and resolving it.

Our psychologists are highly trained and experienced and they use techniques that are fast-working and effective and backed by solid evidence from academic research and the science of brain imaging and neuropsychotherapy. We support that work with advanced practices and systems aimed at ensuring our clients achieve successful outcomes.

Get more from therapy than just the basics

Psychology Melbourne has invested in a level of care that goes beyond the basics.

Our psychologists are trained effectively to deal with a wide range of issues. We use CBT, positive psychology – the so-called 'science of happiness' – and other strategies that have been proven in research studies to produce the best results. Our psychologists are trained in using testing and assessment tools that can assist you in your counselling. We also offer affordable counselling classes in Melbourne which can support your progress and are covered by Medicare rebates.

At Psychology Melbourne we offer individual, couple and family consultations. We have psychologists who specialise in dealing with children, adolescents, adults and older adults.

Several of our psychologists speak languages other than English in which they can conduct counselling.

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