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Psycho-Legal Testing

Psycho-legal or medico-legal reports frequently form the basis of expert evidence in a court or other tribunal. They may be requested by a legal adviser or another party to assess psychological injuries or impairment, recommended treatment and estimates of costs.

These reports include background information and psychological history, treatment provided and expert opinion on treatment options, likely prognosis and likely need for further assessments.

Forensic psychological assessments of clients are often used as expert evidence in a range of cases including:

  • General court psychological reports
  • Dept. of Human Services (DHS) requested reports
    • Family and Child Law
    • Assessment of Mental Capacity
    • Personal injury
    • Assessment of non-pathological criminal capacity
      • Offender treatment reports
      • Risk assessments for general, violent and sexual offenders

Fees for psycho-medico/ legal reports are available on request from our client services staff at (03) 9629 1001 or [email protected] . Please note court appearances and document reviews are an additional cost.


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"Depression is still the great enemy ... yet through depression we enter depths and in depth find soul."

—Carl Jung